Wash basin stone and marmor over 150 models

On Tiarrediamo.it you can find over 150 models with real photos and videos of each washbasin.

Wash basin in marble Made of marble siliceous origin Our sinks are all made from a single block of material. CLICK FOR WASH BASIN MARBLE WASH BASIN STONE HIGH QUALITY Made of Origin Volcanic Stones The washbasins of high quality have a higher hardness, a more rare coloring and a finer polishing. CLICK FOR WASH BASIN IN STONE WASH BASIN IN MARBLE ONYX Made of marble siliceous origin Mineralogically it is a variety of chalcedony, microcrystalline quartz Like all varieties of quartz it is very hard(from 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale). CLICK FOR WASH BASIN ONYX ROOTS IN TEAK A Wood with a Thousand Uses The wood has a color ranging from pale yellow to bronze and sometimes tends to red. It contains a natural oily resin that makes it extremely durable. It is not attacked even by termites.This wood is used in the construction of articles for the outside, ship decks, musical instruments and in all those places where it is required a strong water resistance. CLICK TO ROOTS IN TEAK

On Tiarrediamo.it you can buy beyond 150 sinks in marble and stone, all in prompt delivery!

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